The advantages for volunteers

Clear selection

All medical trials neatly summed up, simple filters, very user-friendly.

No login required

At Medians, volunteers don't have to create an account to log in. Accessible for everyone!

Convenient map tool

With the map tool, you can quickly find a trial near you.

The advantages for you

Medians is flexibility

No matter how large or small your research facility, we like to think along with you for a fitting solution!

End date already set?

Determine the starting and ending date of the research publication, and we set these dates right away.

Competitive pricing

We do not only publish your trial online for a competitive price, we also make intermediate changes for you if you want.

Effective reach

Through different marketing channels we effectively reach the right audience.

Marketing campaigns

Need extra visibility for your trial? We would love to conduct custom marketing campaigns for you.

Why look further?

You have already found us, we will do the rest. We will take care of volunteers finding you!